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  COVID-19 Update

    This page will be kept up to date with our current status, so please return for the most up-to-date information.

Last updated Thursday, April 25 at 9.30am.

 Our position

      The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious threat to public health, and we're proceeding with caution. Our thoughts are with those around the world impacted by the virus, and those in our local community who are least able to cope.

We are trading and taking bookings at this stage, as we operate under the essential services category of freight, logistics and home delivery. We will continue operating, with appropriate modifications to the service, until instructed otherwise by the relevant authorities.

    Contactless moves 

     This is a modified service which aims to minimise the risk of viral transmission. It's our only service offering at this point in time, and requires extra steps from customers and our movers.

What we need from you:

  • Is it essential? At the time of booking we will ask you to consider whether your job can be done later, once the risk associated with COVID-19 has subsided. Please consider this carefully - the less contact in the community, the lower the rate of transmission.

  • An exact inventory. We will need to know exactly what items need to be moved to make sure all the right stuff is shifted

  • Instructions for access to each property. If you’re going to be home, let us know you’re leaving the door open. If you’re not, leave a key out for us. Make sure we’re aware of the access instructions before the move day

  • Labels on all items. Attach instructions to your items so the movers know where to put them at the drop-off address

  • Clean and prepared property and goods. Please clean all high-touch areas, such as door handles and doorknobs, with disinfectant or soap before the movers arrive. Please wipe down hard surfaces on your furniture items using disinfectant

  • Isolate yourself. Arrange to be offsite while the movers work, or isolated in another room, with the door closed. Talk to the movers over the phone, not in person, if you have additional instructions while they're working. We'll call you before arrival, so you’ll have the movers' number.

Note on assisting our movers: Under normal circumstances, we allow customers to assist with the handling of items to speed up the moving process. This is not an option at the current time. As a result, all one-mover bookings must only list items which can be safely handled by a single person.

We reserve the right to leave any job where our movers feel at risk, as this is a public health issue.

  Please tell us!

  • If anyone living in the properties has recently been overseas, or is in self-isolation for any reason

  • If you are ill or have symptoms. If so, we will ask you to re-book for another time, or provide someone else to give access and facilitate the move

  • If you’re over 70. We'll ask you to have a friend or family member oversee the move, and that you make arrangements not to be present. If this can't be arranged, we need to discuss your options further, prior to the move

    Steps we're taking to reduce

    the risk of transmission

  • Disinfecting our vehicles at the beginning and end of each day of work

  • Keeping staff up-to-date with UK Department of Health advice on good hygiene and social distancing, with particular emphasis on regular and thorough hand-washing

  • Waiving cancellation fees. If your situation changes and you can’t proceed, just let us know as soon as you can

  • Instructing staff not to attend work if they have any symptoms. Instead, anyone experiencing symptoms has been instructed to stay home, consult their doctor, and follow the relevant UK government protocols regarding self-isolating and testing

  • Actively monitoring advice from state and federal government departments for new requirements and best practice

   We’re classified as an

 ’essential service'

    Services under the category of freight, logistics and home delivery are considered essential services at this time. We will remain operational while monitoring governmental advice. If the advice changes, we’ll change our approach, and update this page. We’ll continue to assess our processes and make improvements to reduce risk wherever we can.

 Questions or concerns?

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, give our office a call on 01424 575464 

or email

This page will be kept up to date with our current status,

so please return for the most up-to-date information.

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